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Unbridled Capital has “The Largest Source” of Franchise Related Information in the Industry; delivered to you by our own expert, Managing Director Rick Ormsby.

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Need more information about the Franchise Industry and how it relates to you? Unbridled Capital has the answers with in-depth informational content.

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Our Mission Statement:

Unbridled Capital provides the franchise community with innovative investment banking services for the world’s leading brands. From tailor-made merger and acquisition solutions to complex capital raises, we deliver unrivaled financial expertise and dynamic growth strategies for our clients.
Unconventional in approach. Unparalleled in expertise. We are Unbridled Capital.
Asset Obligations and Capital Strategy
Every franchisee has to deal with the eventuality of updating their assets. It is an essential part of running a successful business,

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Cap Rates on Real Estate
A Cap rate is also known as a capitalization rate and is the rate of return on a real estate investment property based on the income the property is expected to generate.

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Impact of Refranchising
When I first started working in the franchise industry at Yum Brands, most franchisors of legacy concepts owned 15-20% of their total locations. This was actually a reduction from the 90’s,

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Private Equity
In a low interest rate environment, where the riskless premium has essentially been zero for several years, investment funds have been increasingly shifting to owning private companies as a way to increase their return on investment and diversify risk. Now days, there are private equity companies deeply entrenched in almost all franchise brands.
EBITDA is the key term, in the franchise industry, for evaluating the success of your business and the key driver to sourcing the best loan terms for your business. It is also a component in determining the value of your business. We’re going to give you EBITDA multiple ranges for 8-10 franchise brands in the current market place.
Bank Financing
Financing or refinancing a franchise loan is a very important and time-consuming process. What does this mean for a franchisee? If you have a brand that has performed well, it likely means that you will have multitudes of competition for your loans in this market.

Our Principles

Our company was founded on four hallmark principles:


Over $4,000,000,000


In their careers, our partners have been involved in over $1 billion of sell-side M&A transactions in the franchise and retail industries and have represented clients with collective annual revenues eclipsing $4 billion.  Our specific areas of expertise include buy-side M&A, sell-side M&A, valuations, debt placements, equity raises, private equity investment and franchising.

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