Our Franchise Clients

Our hallmark service to clients is sell-side M&A advisory work. We have access to thousands of buyers, large franchisees, family offices, private equity firms, investors and new operators that are seeking to acquire a myriad of franchise companies. Our scope is not limited by deal size; for the right assignment, we will represent individual owners or the largest franchisees in the country. We target particular brands that have large regional or national footprints.

"Early in the process, they exhibited a willingness to do whatever it took to launch on our timeline, even working on holidays, into late hours, and across many weekends. Throughout the entire process, their team demonstrated tremendous grit, clear control over the transaction, and a take-the-hill mentality, all of which led to a terrific outcome."
— Buddy McClain , Franchisee

Client Story

Jeff Reetz has had Pizza Hut in his blood for decades. He started working for Pizza Hut Corporate in 1985 and spent the next 15 years moving up the ladder in operations. In 2000, he acquired the Louisville, KY market in a refranchising initiative and later purchased the Illinois/Iowa market in 2008. It quickly became a family business as his son, Brian, spent the last decade as an instrumental piece of the business operations.

“The Reetz family has had a terrific reputation in the Pizza Hut system for over 20 years. We were honored to receive their phone call when they decided to sell. I continue to be proud of our team for helping our clients get to the closing table, especially during one of the most turbulent times in modern history. We want to congratulate both parties on a successful transaction, and we wish the Reetz family the absolute best in wherever life takes them next,” said Unbridled Capital Managing Director, Rick Ormsby.


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