Unbridled Provides Sell-Side Advisory to 13 Popeyes in Mississippi


Unbridled Capital recently provided sell-side advisory services to Russell Restaurants Group, Inc., and related entities, led by Skip Russell, on the sale of 13 Popeyes restaurants in Mississippi.

“I would recommend nobody else except Unbridled Capital – they are the best in the industry. The Unbridled team is hard-working, supremely knowledgeable, and most importantly, I trust them. Multiple advisors on their team helped alongside my transaction, and while the M&A environment was not the easiest, they were persistent to almost no end and fought for me over-and-over. They acted like true partners at every step along the way, and for that, I am forever grateful. Unbridled is an excellent company, and their team has become good friends. I am cheering for their continued success,” said franchisee Skip Russell.

“We are super-thankful to be a growing M&A partner with Popeyes franchisees. Skip is an entrepreneur, and I personally love to work for clients like him who build their businesses from scratch and find so much well-deserved success along the way. For this transaction, we had to source multiple buyers at competitive prices on two separate occasions to get this transfer approved. I am proud of our team’s patience and perseverance here during a difficult operating environment. Congratulations to Skip, his family, and the buyer in getting this deal closed,” said Rick Ormsby, Managing Director.

Unbridled has completed multiple transactions for long-time Popeyes franchisees. We are thankful for the trust and confidence of so many wonderful family-owned businesses who have chosen to utilize our award-winning services. For more information, contact Rick Ormsby at 502-252-6422 and [email protected].