Find the Right Franchise Partner Through the Sale of Corporate Locations

Selling corporate stores to franchisees is a delicate art. Most franchisors do not design the right refranchising plan; therefore, the type of franchisee they attract is sub-optimal, undercapitalized, slow-growth oriented or antagonistic. All the while, these processes do not result in the highest value when considering the lifelong worth of finding a franchisee to operate and grow a corporate market.

Unbridled Capital fixes this problem at a fraction of the cost needed to internally staff a corporate refranchising initiative. We offer refranchising solutions to franchisors who want to develop a plan to strategically sell corporate stores to franchisees or investors – for the best overall value, including price.

Our experts have years of experience in selecting the right markets to sell, doing a deep dive into asset types and closures, maximizing value through the best store mix, developing requirements for new builds and future remodeling obligations, and targeting growth-partners for the future health of the resulting franchise system.

We offer these services across multiple sectors, including restaurants, fitness, health/beauty, automotive, and others. Past refranchising assignments include Papa John’s and Papa Murphy’s, for example.