Let Us Refranchise



I am a former Yum Brands executive, and we know how to work within the Corporate structure of a franchisor. We understand the thought-leadership, teamwork and process needed to build consensus and get things done.

Our goal at Unbridled Capital is to provide world-class investment banking services to the franchise community. As such, we are very interested in helping franchisors in their refranchising efforts. I believe we are quietly becoming one of the largest franchise investment banking companies in the country. And a large franchisee recently gave me three reasons why Unbridled is winning so much business. Number one, we are the most responsive. Number two, we are very effective while maintaining integrity. And three, we're more likable than our competitors. I'm honored for this compliment. And it is certainly our goal to keep his confidence and earn yours going forward.

Here are several reasons why you should consider hiring us for your refranchising efforts. First, we are getting incredibly high prices for our M and A clients in the sale of their companies. Most franchise companies we sell are realizing five to 10 or more offers on their businesses. Number two, we are currently representing two large national franchisors in their refranchising efforts, so we have experience. Three, we have a huge pipeline of young and well-capitalized investors who want to own midsize and larger size franchise companies. Many are in their 30s and 40s with experience in the private equity and investment banking world. We know hundreds of them and they are interested in many different brands.

Number four, I'm a former Young Brands executive, and we know how to work within the corporate structure of a franchisor. We understand the thought leadership, the teamwork and process needed to build consensus and get things done. My team is comprised of MBAs, JDs, and CPAs who understand how to work with teams to accomplish results. We have expertise across a vast array of franchise brands as well. As such, we have a unique pipeline of well-capitalized buyers that most franchise sales teams simply don't have access to. As the franchise industry trends even further to larger multi-unit and multi-brand operators, our contacts are even more valuable to franchisors.

We have a bunch of momentum right now. We have over 600 restaurants for sale in average groups of 30 or 40 units. Buyers, sellers, franchisors, and lenders want to know us. As an example, our database of buyers has tripled in the past year. We're known for integrity, a fair process, a blend of sophistication and approachability, great results and Midwestern warmth. The combination of these traits can't be found elsewhere. Our financial modeling, analytics, due diligence and legal expertise provide a standard of professionalism and sophistication that results in higher prices, better terms and reduced timelines for our clients.

Any individual sales process takes several hundred hours of time to complete. We tell our clients that our involvement typically reduces their time investment by up to 50% or more. We also save loads of money for our clients in hidden fees, transaction costs, and most importantly, in the risk of re-trading deals. In total, these savings can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than covering the cost of our services.

Our fee structure is competitive and generally lower than that of our competitors, especially on larger transactions and also when compared with brokers who sell smaller deals. We offer expertise in debt placements, sale leasebacks, REIT investments, private equity and family office partnerships, and buy-side engagements. While traditionally much of our work is in sell-side M and A, knowledge and expertise in these areas adds to the effectiveness in getting deals closed. We'd be honored to talk with you at any time about why Unbridled Capital would be a great partner to help with your corporate refranchising efforts.