Restaurant & Franchise Valuations

Understanding Your Business is Our Business

Value resides at the very core of everything we do at Unbridled Capital, whether we are helping clients in sell-side advisory, debt placement, capital raising, buy-side advisory or refranchising. We are the industry’s unparalleled experts in assessing the valuation of any franchise, most notably for a sell-side advisory process.

Our team of experts has performed valuations on thousands and thousands of franchises over more than two decades. We keep rigorous data on every pertinent line-item of a franchise P&L. For example, our experts can easily tell you the average R&M cost, labor percentages or EBITDA margins by-year and territory across many franchise brands.

Knowledge is power, and this knowledge can shed a remarkable light on a franchisee’s business. And while the valuation process is primarily used to determine a sale price for a franchisee, it can also be used for estate planning purposes, partner buy-outs, divorce, or perhaps most meaningfully, to give a franchisee a benchmark of how they can improve the profitability of their business.

Unbridled’s valuation process is individually personalized on a store-by-store and collective basis and includes a deep dissection of business assets and real estate. It is a comprehensive tool that offers real-time feedback on the increasingly fickle market conditions in our frenetic world of change.