Financing for Franchises

Competitive Loans at the Highest Value

Unbridled Capital specializes in providing debt placement services for franchisees across all sectors of the franchise industry. Through our M&A practice, we draw from our deep relationships with lenders to offer franchisees an easy way to access dozens of lenders in one, efficient, timesaving, value-enhancing process. Lenders compete to loan money to our clients, and the outcome is generally much stronger than what a franchisee could do on their own.

Like any business, franchisees need access to competitive debt to grow their enterprises. What is important to one franchisee in a loan might not be as important to another. Overall considerations include advance amount (based on lease adjusted leverage, debt service coverage and/or fixed charge coverage ratios), interest rate, term, amortization (operations only versus real estate), prepayment penalties, personal guarantee, covenants and intangible value-adds provided by the various banks.

The franchise lending market is in a constant state of evolution. Lenders enter and exit the franchise space frequently. Some lenders are more aggressive with certain brands but are less eager with others. Many lenders get aggressive in syndicated M&A transactions, while others prefer to lend to smaller operating companies through a recapitalization effort, for example.

Whatever the need, franchisees can expect Unbridled Capital to deliver the most competitive loan at the highest value with the efficiency of a process that minimizes personal investment of time.