Unbridled Provides Sell-Side Advisory to 11 Dunkin's in North Carolina


Unbridled Capital recently provided sell-side advisory to Charlotte Delites on the sale of 11 Dunkin’ restaurants in North Carolina. The restaurants were sold to new franchisee Tasty Delites.

“We started this sale process in 2019 prior to COVID. After an unsuccessful sale, we decided to hire Unbridled Capital because of their high closing rate, growing market share and strong connections with family-office buyers wanting to enter the Dunkin’ system. They made a strong market with multiple offers for our business, but we were unable to close the transaction prior to COVID. Unbridled stuck by us through this difficult time, and we were able to successfully negotiate a transaction with Tasty Brands once business conditions improved. There were plenty of roadblocks along the way, but the Unbridled team did a great job of helping us exercise prudence to finally get to the closing table. We would certainly recommend Unbridled Capital to any franchisees looking to sell their business, particularly in the Dunkin’ system where their expertise is difficult to find,” said Larry Wright of Charlotte Delites.

“Many congrats to both parties - it took a ton of patience and perseverance, and we send hearty best wishes to all involved as this transaction ends. This was our first experience as a sell-side advisor in the Dunkin’ system. After seeing this M&A process unfold, I can tell you that Dunkin’ franchisees have been missing out on the experience and expertise that Unbridled Capital provides. As the franchise world becomes more diverse and interconnected, mid-size and larger Dunkin’ franchisees need an advisor who can run a professionalized M&A process while bringing in new franchisees like Tasty Brands. I encourage Dunkin’ franchisees to reach out to us,” said Rick Ormsby, Managing Director.

Unbridled Capital provides the franchise community with unrivaled investment banking services.  For more information, please contact Rick Ormsby at 502-252-6422 or [email protected].