Unbridled Capital Provides Sell-Side Advisory to 3 KFC Operators


Unbridled Capital recently provided sell-side advisory to three Ohio-based KFC operators simultaneously in the sale of their collective 10 KFC restaurants. Linda Dempsey, Alessio DiFranco, Greg Federico, and John Federico sold their restaurants to existing franchisee KBP Foods, led by Mike Kulp.

“Given the proximity of our stores, it made sense to join forces in a collective sales process to generate a better outcome for each of our respective businesses. Certainly, this added much more complexity and possible deal risk. With this unique backdrop, we knew we needed an M&A advisor who had the wherewithal to rise to the occasion and deliver on our expectations. We looked no further than Unbridled. Not only were they experienced in executing deals in the KFC brand and in the state of Ohio, but they also had prior success in selling multiple businesses simultaneously to one buyer. Rick Ormsby and his team always proved themselves to be proactive, engaged, and willing to knock down any barriers that stood in our way throughout this process. Unbridled delivered on expectations exactly. Not once did we feel over-promised and under-sold! We would strongly recommend any franchisees to make their first call to Unbridled Capital, regardless of where they are at in the process of selling,” said Linda Dempsey, Alessio DiFranco, Greg Federico, and John Federico in a joint statement.

“There is so much longevity in the names comprising this successful sale. I am super proud of that – it is a true honor to help such long-tenured and excellent KFC franchisees at this delicate and critical time in the cycle of their business lives. Additionally, this now marks the 2nd transaction in two years whereby Unbridled has taken 4 sellers and banded them together in a successful sale to 1 buyer. These types of deals are very difficult procedurally. Once again I believe that our Unbridled team did an excellent job of persevering, servicing these clients, and helping them achieve an excellent outcome that likely would not have happened if they had sold individually. I wish Linda, Alessio, Greg, John, and their families the best – they will always be KFC franchisees in my heart and mind! And to KBP, congrats once again and well wishes as they continue to grow,” said Rick Ormsby, Managing Director.

As a condition of this closing and token of our appreciation, Unbridled Capital will make a charitable contribution to the KFC Foundation in support of the KFC brand and employees who faithfully serve it. We want to be a blessing because we’ve been blessed.

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