Unbridled Provides Sell-Side Advisory to 28 Taco Bell Restaurants in Louisiana


Unbridled Capital recently provided sell-side advisory services to Southeast Restaurant Group-TB, LLC and related companies, led by Elie Khoury, on the sale of 28 Taco Bells in Louisiana. The restaurants were sold to B&G Foods Enterprises, LLC, a large existing Taco Bell franchisee, led by Greg Hamer.

“I am really impressed by the Unbridled Capital team and thank them for helping this transaction reach a successful close. I have known Rick for many years, and when it came time to sell, I trusted him and his vast experience in the Taco Bell brand. Unbridled has a best-in-class record of achieving strong prices and, most importantly, getting deals closed. Their success rate was very important to me. For this New Orleans business, they brought a very competitive group of prospective buyers. Once the Hamer family was chosen, Rick and Derek did an excellent job expediting due diligence and Taco Bell approval. I strongly endorse their work, character, and results. Highly recommended!” said franchisee Elie Khoury.

“I am so thankful Elie decided to hire Unbridled Capital. I consider Elie a friend and have a ton of respect for him and entrepreneurs like him who embody the essence of the American Dream. Also, we love the Taco Bell brand and are honored to continue getting selected for these fantastic assignments. In terms of the process, this business had a significant interest at record prices – once again. We were able to close, soup-to-nuts, in about 5.5 months, which is faster than normal. Congratulations to the Hamer’s on acquiring this New Orleans market, and we send our best wishes to both parties,” said Rick Ormsby, Managing Director.

This is Unbridled’s 4th Taco Bell closing in 2023. We have about 15 other active deals, all while maintaining an industry-leading closing percentage of over 90%. For more information, contact Rick Ormsby at 502-252-6422 and [email protected].