Unbridled Beats Competition



A large franchisee recently gave me three reasons why Unbridled is getting so much business - 1. We are the most responsive, 2. We are very effective while maintaining integrity and 3. We are more likable than our competitors.

Our goal at Unbridled Capital is to provide world-class investment banking services to the franchise community. We want to help you in the sale or financing of your franchise business. A large franchisee recently gave me three reasons why Unbridled is getting so much business. First, we are the most responsive, he says. Second, we're very effective while maintaining integrity. And third, we're more likable than our competitors. I'm honored for that compliment. And it's certainly our goal to continue to keep his confidence and to earn yours. Here are reasons I think Unbridled is beating our competitors. First, we have unmatched results, especially for our Pizza Hut and KFC clients in the current market. For example, we're seeing over 15 offers on large Pizza Hut M&A transactions. No one is getting results like this, not even close.

For our other largest customer, Taco Bell franchisees, we offer a fresh and low-cost alternative to our competition. We are known for integrity, a fair process, a blend of sophistication and approachability, great results, and Midwestern warmth. The combination of these traits can't be found elsewhere. We're involved in deals in about 10 brands right now. Unbridled is unique in that we are doing significant, larger scale M&A transactions in many brands, not just a few. You may ask why is this important to expand across many brands? Because the industry is becoming much more interconnected with large operators. We have a bunch of momentum. We have over 600 restaurants for sale and average groups of 30 or 40 units. Buyers, sellers, franchisors, and lenders want to know us. As such, our database of buyers has tripled in the past year. I believe we are quickly and quietly becoming one of the largest franchise investment banking companies in the country.

I've personally spent 12 months building relationships with private equity and family office investors. New entrants are accelerating in their acquisition of franchise brands. For larger transactions, I've beefed up our financial modeling, analytics, due diligence, and legal expertise to accommodate more sophisticated clients with greater needs. For larger transactions, our fee structure appears to be significantly lower than that of our competitors. M&A transactions are becoming much more complex, and mid-scale and smaller franchisees desperately need access to our expertise. While they have other options, many of our competitors do not have the sophistication needed to fight for the best results. For example, if you're a smaller franchisee, ask to see a due diligence checklist from one of our competitors. Or ask to see their financial model and compare it to ours. Ask them about their effectiveness at underwriting pro-forma financial results. Ask them for tangible examples of how they can save you money after the buyer has chosen.

Selling a franchise company is much more than just finding a buyer and waiting for a fee when the deal closes. We are intimately involved in the entire process, greatly reducing our client's time and dollars invested in getting deals closed. We are also now representing several franchisors in the sale of their company-owned restaurants. This is a new area of expertise, not offered by most other firms. Some of our smaller competitors do not offer sale-leasebacks, debt placements, REIT investments, private equity and family office partnerships, buy-side engagements, or acquisition support for corporate re-franchising. While we traditionally do much of our work in sell-side M&A, knowledge, and experience in these areas adds to the effectiveness in getting deals closed. We'd be honored to talk with you anytime about why Unbridled Capital is one of the best return on investment decisions you'll ever make when selling or financing your franchise business.