Unbridled Capital to Make Charitable Restaurant Donations on Deal Closings



In our industry, sometimes it is easy to get focused on transactions, interest rates and EBITDA and forget the bigger and more important part of this business – the employees who are so critical to its success.

Over the years, we have all been touched to hear of so many stories of changed lives that started as an hourly worker in a restaurant. Here are a few themes: Broken families brought together. Achievement and advancement. Confidence and self-esteem. College graduations. Training that lasts a lifetime. Relationships and friendships in difficult times.

At Unbridled Capital, we want to show our appreciation for the hard-working employees who run these businesses. Going forward, Unbridled will make a charitable donation to a Restaurant Foundation for deals we close – and within each particular brand when possible.

“As a business owner, I know that the front-line employees make all the difference, yet they are often underrecognized and underappreciated in our narrow world of M&A and financing. At Unbridled, we want to be different. We want to financially contribute to the Foundations that support the employees within the brands we serve. Our goal is to raise thousands of dollars each year. We want to be a blessing because we have been blessed,” says Rick Ormsby, Managing Director.

For more information on Unbridled Capital, please feel free to visit www.unbridledcapital.com or each Rick Ormsby directly at 502-252-6422 and [email protected]