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Hello, I'm Rick Ormsby, managing director at Unbridled Capital. Thank you so much for visiting and permit me to introduce our firm and give you some navigation to this website. Unbridled Capital is a franchise investment banking company located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Our core business is helping franchisees and franchisors in the sale of their companies for the highest prices and on the best terms.

We also engage in helping clients in the financing and capitalization of their businesses. You'll see our tagline is "Sell your franchise company with confidence." In fact, we currently boast greater than a 90% success rate in closing the assignments we take, which we believe has double or triple the industry average.

How do we do this? There are three key reasons why our clients get the best outcome in the sale of their companies. Number one, we are maniacally focused on growing the best network of buyers for franchise businesses. Family offices, private equity firms, multi-unit operators, and private investors. Number two, we apply sophisticated investment banking expertise and many years of franchise experience on behalf of our clients. And number three, we work tirelessly in the trenches during due diligence to help protect our client's best interests. And we do it with an approachable Midwestern warmth that our clients appreciate.

As you navigate the site, please feel free to see our deal closings and testimonials on the main page. Under the media section, we have an array of videos, white papers, and our very own podcast, The Restaurant Boiler Room. You can get more detail on our closings under the news section. Learn more about us on the our team and services sections as well. We'd love for you to join our database, to start getting plugged into our deal flow and industry insights. After getting to know you and understanding your objectives, we can discuss a confidential and complimentary valuation. Our goal is to help construct the best possible M&A and financing strategy for your business. Many thanks for watching and please reach out soon.