Why Hire Unbridled?



We are getting incredibly-high prices for our sell-side M&A clients in the sale of their companies. Most of the franchise companies we sell are achieving 5-10 or more offers on their businesses.

Our goal at Unbridled Capital is to provide world-class investment banking services to the franchise community. We want to help you in the sale or financing of your franchise business. A large franchisee recently gave me three reasons why Unbridled is getting so much business. Number one, we are the most responsive he says. Number two, we are very effective while maintaining integrity. And number three, we're more likable than our competitors. I'm honored by that compliment and it is certainly our goal to continue to keep his confidence and earn yours. Here are several reasons why I think you should hire us. First we are getting incredibly high prices for our sell-side M&A clients in the sale of their companies. Most of the franchise companies we sell are achieving five to 10 or more offers on their businesses. Number two, we have a huge pipeline of young and well-capitalized investors who want to own mid-sized and larger size franchise companies.

Many of these people are in their thirties and forties with experience in the private equity and investment banking world. We know hundreds of them and they are interested in many different brands. Third, while I personally have a strong connection with Yum! Brands from my corporate days there, we work across all franchise brands and have experience, contacts, and expertise across a vast array of concepts. Fourth, we offer an additional pipeline of buyers that most sellers simply don't have access to. In most franchise brands, the existing franchise base won't pay the top prices. Sellers need access to a broader base of buyers, we offer that for our clients. Fifth, we have a bunch of momentum. We have over 600 restaurants for sale and average groups of 30 to 40 units. Buyers, sellers, franchisors, and lenders want to know us, as such our database of buyers has tripled in the past year.

I believe we are quickly and quietly becoming one of the largest franchise investment banking companies in the country. Six, we are known for integrity, a fair process, a blend of sophistication and approachability, great results and Midwestern warmth. The combination of these traits can't be found elsewhere. Seventh, our financial modeling, analytics, due diligence, and legal expertise provide a standard of professionalism and sophistication that results in higher prices, better terms, and reduced timelines for our clients. Eight, we underwrite reasonable proforma financials in areas such as store closure dates, partial remodel dates, above store R&M expenses due to remodeling, above store extraneous G&A expenses, et cetera. In order to achieve higher prices for our sell-side clients, often these proformas will result in 10 to 15% higher prices for our sellers. Because we have a reputation for fairness and analytical know-how, most buyers will accept our performa adjustments or at least consider them.

Number nine, typically we advise clients that a deal takes about 300 hours of total time to complete. Our involvement can reduce a franchisee's time by up to 50% or more. How much is your time worth? Number 10, we save loads of money for our clients in transaction costs. Several areas include less overuse of your attorneys and CPA, negotiating transaction fees, closing fees, appraisals, transfer fees, transfer taxes, and others with buyers. Reducing costs and time involved in due diligence lists and request, what can often take a month to complete. Reducing re-trading that is so common by buyers, which is a huge hidden cost for sellers who don't hire us. Lastly, negotiating lower costs from buyers when they complete store level inspections and ask for repairs and concessions. In total, these savings can minimally amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings and likely millions more than covering the cost of our fees. 11th, our fee structure is competitive and generally lower than that of our competitors, especially on larger transactions and also when compared with brokers who sell smaller deals.

12, M&A transactions are becoming much more complex and mid-scale and smaller franchisees desperately need access to our expertise. Selling a franchise company is much more than just finding a buyer and waiting for a fee when the deal closes, we are intimately involved in the entire process, greatly reducing our client's time and dollars invested in getting deals closed. 13, we are also now representing several franchisors in the sale of their company owned restaurants, this is a new area of expertise not offered by many other firms in. And 14, some of our smaller competitors do not offer debt placements, sale leasebacks, REIT investments, private equity, family office partnerships, buy-side engagements or acquisition support for corporate refranchising. While we traditionally do much of our work in sell-side M&A, knowledge and experience in these areas adds to the effectiveness in getting deals closed. We'd be honored to talk with you anytime about why Unbridled Capital is one of the best decisions you'll ever make when selling or financing your franchise business.